Hiding Place: Hymn for Anxiety


Hear this prayer, oh God, this plea;

Stay nearby and hide thou me.

Weakened, I cannot stand on my own;

Confidence, from my body, has flown;

My heart beats faintly, without desire,

And my head burns, as if with fire.

Every dark thought provokes a shudder,

Pulls me further into my own mire.

Fear rises within me, tho’ I know not from where;

Hide me, oh God! Save me from the Demon’s snare.

When I should fall, let it be on Your grace,

And bring me to my feet to finish the race.

Hear this prayer; this, my plea,

Stay nearby and hide thou me!

Thou art all-powerful, my trust is in You.

Your promises fade not as the morning dew.

You have said you will ne’er stray from my side,

This I believe; and Thou art my guide.

Be calm, my heart! The Lord is forever faithful;

He commands away that which makes me fearful.

Be still, oh small soul; listen for His voice,

His mercy is true, so be glad and rejoice!

Even through our trials, failures, and shame,

There is deep peace in His great Name.