Hymn of Forgiveness

T’was not what I wanted, to feel this way;

Yet it seems this feeling comes stronger each day.

More and more, the frustration piles on,

‘Til at last, my soul feels so far gone

That sleep, nor solitude, nor any kind word

Will expunge this dark mood: No, it will not stir.

Indeed, a black snake lies wrapped ‘round my mind;

Shall I ever feel peace, or am I forever blind?

What brought such a gloom, that I am without feeling?

I no longer recall the initial action or wording

That gave me such anger and long-lasting misery;

How long must I live like this, God? Have mercy!

Bitterness, fury, depression and despair;

Lord, help me – admit my anguished prayer!

T’was not what I wanted, to feel this way;

Help me; release the Viper’s grip, his sway.

Nay, first is forgiveness, to those who harmed me;

In my anger, I did as much wrong to them and to Thee.

Now indeed, the burden has faintly lightened;

The Viper is loosening, and my sight is brightened.

Dear God, I have done all as Your will commands:

I pray, give me peace that comes from Your hands.

Praise be to the Lord, my soul is released!

By that Almighty peace that makes all men free


One thought on “Hymn of Forgiveness

  1. This is a wonderful piece. Its very reassuring to know that there are others who even though you know the heartache that comes with holding on to stufg rather than letting it go. Time and time again i have learned this lesson and yet i continue to get angry and refuse to talk to the person or have nothing to do with them only to find that in the end i only hurt myself.

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