Patrick Henry vs. Thomas Hobbes vs…. Me?

When something makes me frustrated, but I have to submit work for it anyway (like Ethics homework *cough, cough*), I tend to make fun of things. Sometimes – not all the time, but once in a while – it becomes a GREAT way to make the assignment fun. Now granted, this was one of my more creative entries on our discussion board. The last time I remember doing something like this was when I dressed up as the Joker for a muscle biology presentation.


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Could We Be Heroes? The Altruism Argument


“Mary: “Everyone always does what is in their own best interest. Altruistic acts (i.e. acts done from the motive of helping others) are a myth.”

Sheila: “But how can you say that? Soldiers have been known to jump on hand grenades to save their comrades. How can that be self-interested?”

Mary: “That soldier no doubt thought his life would go better by ending with an act of glorious heroism than living a long life as someone who let his comrades die. It was a self-interested act.”

Who is right? Why?

Thus begins my fourth chapter discussion question in my Ethics philosophy class.

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