Oh, Squirrel! – An Evolutionary Thought

Squirrels are burying nuts all over my backyard before their time of hibernation comes. I find holes in my garden beds, under the trees, in the grass (or what’s left of it), and along the base of my house. After years and years of making the same mistake, you’d think they would get the picture and make a note. Or draw a map. Or something.

But nooooo. It is the natural way of life for me to find them every spring: not as acorns or seeds, but as sprouting oak trees and weeds. Squirrels are some of the smartest animals on the Earth, but also some of the absolute dumbest. Know what I mean? I think we all know an animal or two like that.

This is why I don’t believe in evolution. Because surely, after hundreds of years of never finding their nuts again, one of them would have found a brain instead and written a note.